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bitLanders is a digital platform where users are rewarded for their content and social media leadership. Rewards are powered by the bitMiles technology, and can be exchanged within the curated shopping section for avatar accessories, or be donated to non-profits on bitCharities.com.

Each user on bitLanders is a Digital Citizen represented in the ecosystem by an Avatar, with the opportunity to build their portfolio of Digital Real Estate and support social causes.


With bitCharities, bitLanders becomes a cause marketing platform powered by Bitcoin by connecting brands, non-profits and donors.

bitCharities.com gathers large scale data on its entire user and donor base and shares it at no cost with the participating charities so that they can scale their fundraising efforts with larger corporate sponsors. bitCharities gives back 100% of the donations gathered on its platform to the charities.

While donors can easily, simply, and publicly support a wide range of charitable organizations, brands can align their philanthropic efforts with their customers. bitCharities can engage the first party brand's database and activate them to participate in charitable donations, creating global awareness and a call for action even before any money is spent.

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Best Programming Languages For Hackers

For Web App Pentesting /Hacking
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basics for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. So if you don’t know HTML you should first learn it
Learning java script. Will help you understand the basics of Cross Site Scripting
Majority of web applications are written using PHP and MySQL .So it is a must to learn PHP
For Writing / Understanding Exploits, Shell Codes, Root kits etc
C & C++
More than 60 % of the exploits you will find on the web are written in C & C ++, Learning C & C++ will help you understand about Buffer overflows, Stack overflow etc, So learning C and C ++ is must for every hacker/Pen tester
Learning assembly will help you in Writing/understanding Shell codes , Will Help you in Reverse Engineering applications and software’s
For Building Tools And Scripts
Python is a very powerful high level language , Its Easy to learn and code, most of the tools and scripts for automation are written in Python . Knowing Python socket programming will help you a lot in Exploit writing
Ruby is an another language which is used to write scripts, tools. Metasploit Frame Work is written in Ruby. so learning ruby will help you understand the in and outs of msf
Learning Bash is very Useful in writing small scripts for automation
Hope this info helps you, If you have any doubts Regarding the article Please let me know them via comments.

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13 Top Python Resources for Beginners!

-This opinionated guide exists to provide both novice and expert Python developers a best-practice handbook to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis. Currently under heavy active development.
-This book instructs you in Python by slowly building and establishing skills through techniques like practice and memorisation, then applying them to increasingly difficult problems. By the end of the book you will have the tools needed to begin learning more complex programming topics.
-Free class for people with a little bit of programming experience who want to learn Python. The class includes written materials, lecture videos, and lots of code exercises to practice Python coding.
-Consists of Python Syntax: a tutorial that will introduce you to Python. Then there’s Tip Calculator: After completing the lesson on Python Syntax it makes you put your new-found skills to use.
-Free, interactive tutorials to help you discover Python idioms, in your browser!
-Includes a great set of resources including Books, MOOCs, Video Tutorials, Interactive tutorials, exercises which can get you started with Python.
-Python Koans is an interactive tutorial for learning the Python programming language by making tests pass. Most tests are fixed by filling the missing parts of assert functions.
-By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the Python language, and be able to complete some cool projects in the Code Garage section.
-You’re a new coder. You’re interested in learning how to code, not just syntax. Your hand will be held in the beginning, but as you progress you’ll see yourself approaching the projects more comfortably.
-This book is prepared from the training notes of Anand Chitipothu. Anand conducts Python trainings classes on a semi-regular basis in Bangalore, India.
-The behavior of names and values in Python can be confusing. Like many parts of Python, it has an underlying simplicity that can be hard to discern, especially if you are used to other programming languages. Ned Batchelder explains how it all works, and present some facts and myths along the way.
-Each part of this series will focus on a different common mistake, describe what causes it and offer a solution.
13. PySchools
-This website is designed to help you in your learning of Python Programming Language. The website comes with 3 main sections: Learning Python, Practices and Challenges.

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How to Fix Kali Linux apt-get Slow Update?

This is a small guide on How to fix Kali Linux apt-get slow update.
How to fix Kali apt-get slow update - blackMORE Ops
Kali is relatively new and got fewer Mirrors than some other distro’s. That means less servers to download from and less servers means more people trying to download from them and using all bandwidth. So when you type in apt-get update, you see a slow download speed for packages. This just means you’re connected to a server that’s really busy. Some users complains that nothing happens or they are not getting any updates at all. Some got different issues like update stuck is header and doesn’t move any further.
To fix this, you need to check a few things:
  1. Check if you have the right repositories is your /etc/apt/sources.list
  2. Remove unwanted or unsupported repositories.
  3. Clean apt-get cache.
  4. Choose a fast DNS server.
To fix sources.list, follow this guide: How to add official Kali Linux Repositories?
To switch repositories to a different mirror of your choice, follow this guide: How to change repositories to a different mirror?

Clean apt-get cache:

apt-get clean

Choose a proper DNS server:

Edit resolv.conf file:
leafpad /etc/resolv.conf

Enter Google DNS nameservers

Following two are Google DNS, let’s face it, if Google is broken, we all think Internet is broken. Hence the reason of using Google DNS. You can choose other DNS Server if you want that are fast and reliable.
Now save and close the file.

Test your changes

Let put our changes to the test..

Do an apt-get update

 apt-get update

Do and upgrade

 apt-get upgrade

Finally do a distribution upgrade

 apt-get dist-upgrade
Your download speed should be a lot better than you were getting previously.

Another solution, changing from HTTP to REPO in sources.list file(14/02/2014)

One of the readers advised that by changing the repositories from HTTP to REPO, he gained significant speed up. See Sameer Barha’s comment below.
Use the following repositories (update your sources.list file)
## Kali Regular repositories
deb http://repo.kali.org/kali kali main non-free contrib
deb http://security.kali.org/kali-security kali/updates main contrib non-free
## Kali Source repositories
deb-src http://repo.kali.org/kali kali main non-free contrib
deb-src http://security.kali.org/kali-security kali/updates main contrib non-free
Instead of
## Kali Regular repositories
deb http://http.kali.org/kali kali main non-free contrib
deb http://security.kali.org/kali-security kali/updates main contrib non-free
## Kali Source repositories
deb-src http://http.kali.org/kali kali main non-free contrib
deb-src http://security.kali.org/kali-security kali/updates main contrib non-free
This change seems to boost speed as it uses slightly different repo than the usual HTTP servers which are overloaded. Let us know how this worked for you.
In case your sources.list file is messed up or you’re just not sure, what to put on there, follow these instruction’s to add official Kali Linux Repositories.
(Note: The above mentioned repositories are a slightly variant of the official one, you can choose either as they are both from Kali.org)
In case your DNS server is picking up (even Google’s DNS server) a repository from a different country(or avoid a specific country) and you would like to manually switch repositories to a different mirror of your choice(say in same country or just something you know working faster.
Thanks for reading. Please comment your experience to make this guide better. If you’ve found this useful, share and follow us on Facebook/Twitter.

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HTML Cheat Sheet Free Download

Document Outline

<!DOCTYPE>Version of (X)HTML
<html>….</html>HTML document
<head>….</head>Page information
<body>….</body>Page contests

<!– Comment Test –>
Page Information
<base />Base URL
<meta />Meta data
<link />Relevant resource
<style>….</style>Style resource
<script>….</script>Script resource

Document Structure 
<h1>….</h1> to <h6>….</h6>Heading
<div>….</div>Page section
<span>….</span>Inline section
<br>Line break
<hr>Horizontal rule

<a href=””>Page link
<a href=”mailto:”>Email link
<a name=”name”>Anchor
<a href=”#name”>Link to anchor

Text Markup
<strong>….</strong>Strong emphasis
<blockquote>….</blockquote>Long quotation
<q>….</q>Short quotation
<pre>….</pre>Pre-formatted text
<del>….</del>Deleted text
<ins>….</ins>Inserted text
<bdo>….</bdo>Text direction

<ol>….</ol>Ordered list
<ul>….</ul>Unordered list
<li>….</li>List item
<dl>….</dl>Definition list
<dt>….</dt>Definition term
<dd>….</dd>Term description

<fieldset>….</fieldset>Collection of fields
<legend>….</legend>Form legend
<label>….</label>Input label
<input>….</input>Form input
<select>….</select>Drop-down box
<optgroup>….</optgroup>Group of options
<option>….</option>Drop-down options
<textarea>….</textarea>Large text input

<thead>….</thead>Table body
<tbody>….</tbody>Table body
<tfoot>….</tfoot>Table footer
<colgroup>Column group
<col />Column
<tr>….</tr>Table row
<th>….</th>Header cell
<td>….</td>Table cell

Images and Image Maps
<img />
Image Map
<area />
Area of image map
Common Character Entities
&#34;   ”   Quotation mark
&#38;   &   Ampersand
&#60;   <   Less than
&#62;   >   Greater than
&#64;   @  “At” symbol
&#128;  €   Euro
&#149;  •   Small bullet
&#153;  ™  Trademark
&#163;  £   Pound
&#160;       Non-breaking space
&#169;  ©  Copyright symbol
<param />
Empty Elements
<area />
<base />
<br />
<col />
<hr />
<img />
<input />
<link />
<meta />
<param />
Core Attributes
Class: id      Style: title
Note: Core attributes may not be used in base, head, html, meta, param, script, style or title elements.
Language Attributes 
dir       lang
Note: Language Attributes may not be used in base, br, frame, framest, hr, iframe, param or script elements.
Keyboard Attributes
accesskey     tabindex
Window Events
onLoad    onUnload
Form Events
onBlur        onReset
onChange   onSelect
onFocus     onSubmit
Keyboard Events
onKeydown   onKeyup
Mouse Events
onClick    onMouseout
onDblclick    onMouseover
onMousedown   onMouseup

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50 Websites To Learn How To Code For Free

Searching for where to learn how to code for free,then stop.You are in perfect place,here we are listing Top 50 websites that will help you to learn how to code.Below listed website will help you to find a good coding platform for beginners.From here you will learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, XHTML, Bootstrap, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Android Development, Java and lots more.So check out each of this website and start to learn how to code.
The most heard name how to code.Codeacademy is the place to go if you aren’t quite sure where to start.The main plus point of Codecademy is that they have a advanced interface to type code and render it without using external notepad or browser.Codeacademy works on a reward system and it rewards you with badges for your achievements.Codecademy will help you to learn HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, SQL, Ruby, Rails and AngularJS.
Udacity is the next best on the web to learn to code.Udacity offers video tutorials inserted with quizzes at each intervals. The video tutorials offered at Udacity are broken down into minutes of 2-3 that simply do what they were meant to.Udacity also offers a final test on your course and provides you with a downloadable certificate as shown below, for your achievement.Udacity will help you to learn Computer Science, Web Application Engineering, Software Testing, Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm.
If you like to learn Android development,then this is the best place.Learn it from the creators.Google offers an advanced android development tutorials for its users.They will teach you from how to make an app to how to submit it in Playstore.
Google’s Python Class — this is a free class for people with a little bit of programming experience who want to learn Python. The class includes written materials, lecture videos, and lots of code exercises to practice Python coding. These materials are used within Google to introduce Python to people who have just a little programming experience.
Coursera offers a wide range of courses in Computer science alone, and you cannot start off instantly. Although it is free, the classes are conducted once in every few months and you have to enrol in advance to the class, or add it in your wishlist for the next class.Coursera will guide you to learn Languages – Computer architecture, Programming languages, C++ for C programming, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography…etc
Courses offered by Code.org are basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming, basics of JavaScript programming , Python, Hopscotch etc
W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training.They will guide you to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
The New Boston offers an incredible collection of video tutorials for all types of programming, including iPhone and computer game development.Thenewboston provides video tutorials for HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, App Development, Android Development, C Programming.
Find more than a hundred online course materials for electrical engineering and computer science in MIT’s OpenCourseWare collection
One of the original free online coding resources, Khan Academy has come a long way. With easy-to-follow course sections with step-by-step video tutorials, Khan Academy is a great place to get started with your coding career.It does not offer a set of programming languages, but it deals with programming basics and approach to coding that could be applied to a vast array of languages.
On Webmonkey, you’ll find tutorials for everything from building your first website to developing with HTML5.Tutorial section includes HTML5, Ajax, CSS, APIs, Javascript etc.
Codeavengers will teach you how to develop your own games, websites and apps.Tutorials includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python etc.
Am not making you bored here is the quick list of remaining 38 websites:
WebsitesWhat You Will Learn
 13. CodeschoolHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS
 14. TeamTreeHouseHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS, Android, Python…
 15. Html5RocksHTML5/CSS
16. SqlzooSQL
17. EDXComputer Science, Java
18. TheCodePlayerHTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery
 19. LearnPythonTheHardWayPython
 20. SkillCrushHTML/CSS, Javascript, Python …more
21. TutsPlusWordPress Plugin Development, Webdesigning, Other Coding tutorials
22. CodeCombatPlay to learn code
 23. DontFearTheInternetHTML/CSS
 24. LearnLayoutAdvanced CSS
25. AtozcssCSS Screencasts
26. DashHTML5, CSS3, Javascript
 27. Web AccessibilityTools and techniques for web developers
 28. TheHelloWorldProgramWeb Development, Linux, Python
29. PythonTutorPython
 30. CodeLearnWeb Development
31. RubymonkRuby
 32. Stanford UniversitySoftware Algorithms
33. NodeTutsNode JS video tutorials
 34. NodeSchoolWeb software skills
 35. EggheadVideo training for AngularJS, React, D3, and many other essential modern web technologies
36. Learn-AngularAngularJS
37. IOS DevelopmentIOS
38. LearnJavaOnlineJava
 39. CodingBatJava, Python
40. Techotopia IOS, Android
41. EssentialSQL SQL
42. SqlBolt SQL
 43. CoderdojoHTML5, CSS3, Javascript
44. HackDesignDesign course
45. Mozilla Developer NetworkMozilla Development
 46. Programming Video TutorialsC++
47. National Programme on Technology Enhanced LearningPrinciples of Programming Languages
48. LandofcodeJava, CSS, HTML, PHP and VBScript
49. SitePoint ReferenceHTML5, CSS3, Javascript
50. Wikiversity PHP, C++, Python, Java… etc

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